Commissioning of Plant

Commissioning of Plant

Commissioning of plant is the last phase for executing a project. It is an exciting period for both our customers and our team as months of diligent efforts result in the realization of the plant and commencement of production. Our specialized commissioning team ensures proper erection of the equipment and utilities and performs system performance validation leading to the commencement of production.

Erection of large scale projects requires a specialized team consisting of multi-disciplinary experts. Our commissioning team provides on-site support to ensure proper erection and validation. The commissioning team consists of -

Project/System engineers
Mechanical engineers and technicians
Welding engineers and technicians
Electrical engineers and technicians

Erection of Power Subsystem*

Note : * Second party scope

Erection of Mill Equipment

Assembly requirements and drawing interpretation
Administration control to ensure proper assembly and erection
Administration control to ensure safe handling of equipment
Stationing of equipment per layout requirements
Mechanical completion audits

Erection of Utilities and services

Water Supply
Compressed air system
Gas/Liquid Fuel supply
Electric Distribution
Plant Illumination and security lighting
Telephone and Public Announcement network

Unit and System level validation

Individual equipment functional verification including utility and power connection
Full system/plant operational verification including utility and power connection

Trial Batch Production

Sample production is undertaken to ensure plant to ready for commercial production

Assistance in hiring process of local workforce