Mini Steel + mini DRI plant

Mini Steel + mini DRI plant

Steel mini-mill technology has enabled steel production in places where it has never been viable before. Companies can now set up steel production at significantly lower capital costs to cater to their local market. However, the steel mini mill technology has a potential of having an even greater impact on economic growth. This potential is reached with an integrated Steel mini-mill and mini-DRI technology.

Revisiting Steel Mini-Mill technology

The steel mini-mill technology has taken huge strides in revolutionizing the steel industry and enabling steel production and economic growth in new parts of the world. For complete information about the Steel Mini-mill technology and its many advantages, we encourage you to visit our Mini-Steel Plant Section as well.

Significantly lower Capital Cost
Plant capacity tailored to cater to your local market
Easy access to raw material
Significantly lower utilities and resource requirement
Wide application Market Prospect

While the steel Mini-mill technology has the ability to create new opportunities and lead to growth, we can further enhance and complement this technology by integrating it with the mini-DRI technology. Not only can this improve the efficiency of steel production, but lead to significant decrease in plant's power consumption and allow excess power generation which can be sold to the local market.

This integrated technology helps us to cater to both the steel and energy requirements of the economy, while at the same time helps to reduce the payback period and have significant increase in yearly profits for our customers.

Steel Mini Mill + mini DRI technology

Unlike the Steel Mini Mill technology which uses scrap steel as raw material, the integrated Steel mini mill + mini DRI technology uses iron-ore as its raw material. Iron ore is converted to Sponge Iron using the DRI process and is then fed into the electric furnace, converting it to molten steel. The heat produced in the DRI process can be harnessed to provide complete power for the steel mini mill and the excess power can be sold to the local market.

The integrated solution encompasses all the benefits that the Steel Mini Mill provides over conventional steel plant. In addition to these benefits, the integrated solution provides even greater value to our customers-

Reduced cost of Raw material

The integrated Steel Mini mill + mini DRI technology uses iron-ore as raw material. As compared to scrap steel, iron ore is cheaper and its price is much less susceptible to market fluctuations. There are iron-ore deposits, both mined and unmined, in many parts of the world. While functioning mines can easily cater to the raw material requirements, this technology opens doors for several deposits which are unmined till now. Many parts have not been able to mine their iron-ore deposits due to the huge infrastructure required to cater to the large raw material requirements of the conventional steel plants. However, the small scale requirements of the integrated technology can be met with little or no mining infrastructure.

Reduced Power Consumption

The heat generated during the DRI process can be harnessed to provide complete power for the steel mini-mill. The mini-DRI plant itself consumes less than 1/10th of the power required for the steel mini mill. Since the steel mini mill is completely powered through the heat generated in the DRI process, this reduces the total power requirement for the integrated steel mini mill + mini-DRI plant to less than 1/10th of the power requirement for a stand-alone mini-steel plant.

Co-generation of power

The heat generated during the DRI process yields significantly higher power than what is required to power the steel mini-mill. This excess power can be sold to the local market.

Increased Production Efficiency

Due to the high ferrous content and homogeneity of sponge iron which is produced through the DRI process, the mill equipment is able to run at higher efficiency leading to a reduction in production time and power requirement .

Reduced Pay Back Period and Increase in Profits

Lower cost of raw material
Revenue earned through selling both steel and power
Significantly lower cost of utilities due to reduced power requirements

To learn more about the process and component requirement for integrated Steel mini-mill + mini-DRI technology, please visit the Steel mini-mill + mini DRI process flow section

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