Project Planning

Project Planning

Project planning is the first Phase of conceiving the project and often the most crucial as it lays a foundation for rest of the project phases. In today's dynamic economy, where time to market, cost-effectiveness and product quality are so important, companies seek to ensure that they have detailed understanding of the resource requirements and scope for the product they want to manufacture. A well laid project plan can significantly help with cost and time savings, and ensure seamless execution of the project.

However, it can be a mammoth task to create a detailed project plan given the several aspects required to optimize the capital savings and address market needs. Below are some of the questions that must be answered in the earliest stages of project planning-

How much capital is required to conceive the project?
How much Land is required for the project?
What are the construction requirements for the project?
What are the power supply requirements for the project?
How long will it take to commission the plant?
How long will it take for the plant to pay for itself?

Our team will work closely with you to ensure your success by providing the most optimized solution and detailed requirements for your next project-

Production Capacity and End Product vs Capital Requirement Study

The capital and resource requirement for the project would change based on - daily production capacity and end product requirement. The most optimized solution is devised for you that can best cater to your market opportunity and investment pay-back period requirements.

Construct Detailed Capital and Resource Requirements

Detailed breakdown of Capital Requirements for conceiving the entire product. Our customers can get easy access to credit for projects. This allows our customers to get loans at very low interest rates. Please visit the Capital Assistance section for more details.

Detailed Land requirement
Detailed Power supply Requirement
Detailed Man-Power Requirement

Project Timeline and Pay-Back Period Analysis

Detailed breakdown of Timeline from project initiation to commissioning including 4 phases: project Planning, Design Engineering and Program Management, Mill Equipment Supply and Commissioning of plant.

Detailed analysis of how the project investment will be able to pay for itself and lead to profits based on several factors including production capacity, cost and market projections

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