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Experts in providing
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for mini-steel plant and related projects

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We believe that the most effective way of growing global economies is through a handshake between the market where the opportunity exists and global resources required for realizing that opportunity. Our mission is to make a difference by providing those resources.

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end to end solution

We offer complete turn-key services for Mini-Steel plant projects. As part of offering all the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services to our customers, our services cover all the required components for successful execution of the project.

Project Planning
Design Engineering and Program Management
Mill Equipment Supply
Commissioning of Plant
Life - Cycle Service Support

We offer all the resources for the successful execution of the project, so our customers are able to focus on what's most important - sale of the final product and establishing reliable consumer base and relationships. Everything before that is our responsibility and guarantee. On the other hand, by offering an end-to-end solution, our interdisciplinary teams are able to collaborate to ensure that the end solution is the most optimized for our customers.

customer centric

Putting the needs of our customers first is our most important core value. This is because the metric of our success depends on the success of our customers. All our services and offerings revolve around ensuring a seamless project execution experience for all our customers

Customized solutions for all our customers based on their needs and project location. This in turn ends up saving significant capital expenditure and ensures quality and efficiency during production
On Schedule Commissioning assurance
Focus on quality
After commissioning production support- As part of our life-cycle service support, our specialized workforce can take ownership of the production process in the initial stages till the project capital is paid off and our customers begin reaping profits. While we work on ensuring highest levels of production capacity and efficiency, our customers are able to focus on sales of the final product and establishing a reliable consumer base.

Industry Experience and recognition

Our team brings over 30 years of experience in executing steel plant and related projects. During this period, we have successfully executed over 125 projects in 5 continents including the first ever steel plant to be exported from India. We take pride in our journey so far, but more importantly use that experience to become even better at what we do and provide a better service to our customers.

We are recognized in the industry as a leader in Steel Plant project execution having made an impact on the growth of export from India and benefited the economies of the countries of our customers. While we most value the feedback and testimonials of our customers, the awards that our team has been presented with over the years also symbolize our excellence and commitment to our customers.

Constant Innovation

We recognize the importance of innovation. This is why we never stop learning. While the evolving best practices in the industry have helped us, our constant need for innovation stems from the feedback from our customers. In order to meet the evolving needs of our customers, we challenge ourselves be become even better at what we do. We strive to improve all our practices by driving constant innovation through our processes and the technology that we provide. All of this results in creating new opportunities, cost reduction and better service for our customers.

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